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What We Do.

We know mental health can be made out of hundreds of little things in life. We believe each of those things matters. They form a puzzle piece dear to our life.

Sometimes, it is just too difficult to hold everything together with one pair of hands.

staysixACT. provides fee-for-service support in the ACT region and surroundings. The type of support we provide usually includes one on one support to help clients regulate improved mental health.

Support can include coffee chats, respectful discussions to get through anxiety and depression and grief, a short stroll in the park, a drive around the lake, an outing to a chocolate factory, a cooking session, a silent company watching a TED talk episode and talking about it, or sitting down in the backyard with a handful of custard biscuits looking through old photographs.

We have also helped clients with coaching on life skills such as basic kitchen management, exploring indoor hobbies, using technology to create or maintain healthy habits, strengthening connections to valued people in their lives, journalling feelings, grounding exercises, re-learning positive and helpful relationship boundaries, and many more.

For some of our clients, practical help with daily things in life is the driver to better mental health. Things such as assistance with getting to appointments, weekly shopping, maintaining their tenancy and accommodation, light household duties, medication pick up, and liaison with treating medical team and existing support network.

From time to time, we receive crisis-natured requests, such as help with completing social housing application and gathering supporting documents, workplace conflict mediation, sourcing of food donation, or urgent support to write a referral to community organisations or allied health professionals.

Travelling through recovery does not have to be lonesome.

Our Vision

A kind, nurturing and nourishing environment in which people navigate the different stages of their lifespan - an environment:

  • where people live to their full potential,

  • where people play a central role in the responses to their mental health, psychosocial and disability needs,

  • where harmful influence of experiences of stigma, discrimination, displacements, and systemic & structural disadvantages is continuously and critically being challenged.

Our Values

We have identified values which are very important in our practice over the years. We feel that these values are interconnected with each other and are paramount to our service to you.

Positivity and Self Care

We strive to find ways to enable access to positivity and self care as they are essential practices in dealing with life’s challenges.


We recognise the uniqueness of people’s lived experience intersecting with age, migration status, race and cultural identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, geo-political location, economic status, stages of well-being or recovery journey, and physical health / mental health / psychosocial health / disability health conditions


We value the capacity of self-determination and work with individuals to be active participants of their circumstances and to take charge of their lives.


We support people’s journey in their efforts to achieve improved quality of life through partnerships with helpful formal and informal support networks.


We appreciate the different perspectives of values and expertise available in various communities. 


We nurture people’s resilience factors - we learn on a daily basis how we engage with ourselves and the world we live in, and we seek to continuously make improvements.

People first

We put people first - we hold that people are the knowledge and understanding experts of their own lived experiences - we are committed to center people as the holder of power. This means prioritising the needs, wants and preferences of clients. We seek to include clients’ input and feedback in all service delivery decision making processes that affect them. 


We promote safe work spaces where people can bring their whole and authentic selves. 

Shared responsibility

We believe that it takes a village to make good things happen. So we collaborate, coordinate and cooperate as equal partners of individuals working to achieve their goals.

Why staysixACT

We've got you!

Whether you are looking for a single session, short term support or medium to long term, we are with you all the way through.
Key worker model
Our key worker model means your needs are being met with the most efficient and the least systemic and structural bureaucracy (bureaucracy that often riddles support services).
ACT wide and beyond
We service the whole ACT region, and surrounding areas (such as Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman, Braidwood, Yass, Goulburn, Sutton, Googong, Bungendore - 150 kms + from Canberra). We are currently also working hard to provide a tele and virtual service model - we don’t want distance to be a barrier for you to access services.
Your needs are our priority
Say goodbye to filling in check boxes and completing bundles of administrational forms during face to face appointments (where possible, we will do this offsite as much as possible for you) and hello to being listened to with the ultimate intent to be understood.
Partners in accountability
More than just a service provider, we are your partners in accountability in working together towards your goals. Your needs, your wants, your wishes, your goals, your journey - these are our priorities.
A lifetime of continuous learning
There is no one size fits all solution to navigating decision making processes and the different stages of life - there is ample potential for risks, opportunities, challenges, improvements (and we are sure there are hundreds of synonyms and terminologies to refer to those things). You will find us with you every step of the way.
Mental health, psychosocial, disability
You choose what you would like to focus on.
Self-determination and capacity building
Our service delivery is concerned with helping you identify your unique preferences. We work with you to develop and enhance personal skills, promoting independence and creating opportunities for community involvement.

It Starts with a Conversation.

Do you have any other questions?

Tell us what steps we can go through together. Steps to improve your quality of life, steps to venture on a recovery journey for the good things in life, steps to re-imagine your recovery, steps to reframe your narrative, steps to re-discover the hunger for the zing in your burger – you name it, you name the steps, and we will be with you for as short or as long as you like. You’ve got this, you’ve got us!

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