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Poems from our friends

We hope you are inspired

Writing can be a powerful way to share your story, your feelings, what you are experiencing. It can be therapeutic. A diary, a journal reflection, or a poem. If you would like to share some of your writing, please let us know.


I have had a lot of hurdles in life

And I have seen a fair bit of strife

From infertility, divorce, homelessness, and rape

My mind sometimes needs a desperate escape

I used to try to self-medicate

I even tried to relax and meditate

But somehow, I always found that hole

And only through Jesus could I be made whole

So yet again, I yield, I plea

Dear God, oh listen, please, to me

I realised through my darkest times

Out of the deepest pit I could not climb

But you were with me calling my name

To reassure me with love again and again

I opened my eyes and there you stood

You have my future planned, it is good

You carry all our sins and sorrows

With this vision in mind, I look forward to tomorrow

Hard Life Some Days

Some days life feels so hard

I really don’t know where to start

Life was easy when I was a kid

School and church was all that I did

Now there seems so many complications

So many issues and situations

To budget, organise, clean or fix

It feels like I’ve had to do many tricks

I checked that I’ve had my meds

To have this body at its best

My devotions to God has also been done

That’s an equation of a good life sum

Start the day spending time with God

Gives me some hope to go forward

One day or one step at a time

Take a moment to let my little light shine

A breath in and out a few more times

Then venture forward and choose what’s wise

Have a good day but most of all

Put a smile on your dial and have a ball

“I ask you to lean  into your messiness  with curiosity In the place of judgement”


To the corners of my bed

that float into madness

And in some moments my mind smells

like rotting flesh

and a basement full of blood

And others are so argumentative my tongue is

stapled to the roof of my mouth,

my mother sits in silence - weeping mainly.

This confidence is earring at my skin like fire and maggots,

the blackness of this mirror slips into bleakness.

I’ve replaced my ears with ongoing music 

Repeating the words ‘To the seasons that have


Language as a portal into a new

I respond to this unfolding of red and flowers,

and stories of bitter liberations WITH unintentional

survival rekindling bodies of self. And I was

encompassed by the weight of Curtains and heavy

staircases evicting shadows from my legs residing in

the place of tender and unrelenting beings. MIND OF

MINE, let me relearn love beyond tongue truth and shape.

It Starts with a Conversation.

Do you have any other questions?

Tell us what steps we can go through together. Steps to improve your quality of life, steps to venture on a recovery journey for the good things in life, steps to re-imagine your recovery, steps to reframe your narrative, steps to re-discover the hunger for the zing in your burger – you name it, you name the steps, and we will be with you for as short or as long as you like. You’ve got this, you’ve got us!

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